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About Us.

Incorporated in 2020, Vishwanath Ji Herbgonics bring about and promote the concept of “Plants Make People Happy,” frames plants as a form of self-care and wellness. Indeed, studies have shown that keeping plants in indoor spaces can improve air quality and increase productivity. Being close to nature, boost immunity, and can even help patient recover from injury more quickly.

“We position plants and our brand as the break in all this. It’s the antidote to this unfortunate thing that our entire generation suffers from: anxiety. And plants really can be part of the cure.” The way we’ve differentiated is we’ve focused on putting the right plant in the right place, and creating a micro environment for the plant to prosper.


We believe plants and nature is the antidote to the stress we feel from being so connected to screens. But it’s not just screens. The anxiety of life in 2019, especially for young people who are likely living in cities and saddled in debt, can be a lot to shoulder. “They call us Generation Stress for a reason”.


“When our customers are buying plants, they’re not looking for another appliance or another digital interface,” Mast says. “I think they’re interested in the opposite of that–something slower, less digital.”

Vishwanath Ji Herbgonics

B219, Green Field Colony Faridabad 121003